CPS: Breakthrough: Secure Interactions with Internet of Things

The objective of this research is to (1) gain insights into the challenges of securing interactions in Internet of Things (IoT) deployments, (2) develop a practical framework that mitigates security and privacy threats to IoT interactions, and (3) validate the proposed framework in a medium-scale IoT testbed and through user studies. The emerging IoT computing paradigm promises novel applications in almost all sectors by enabling interactions between users, sensors, and actuators. These interactions can take the form of device-to-device (e.g., Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)) or human-to-device (e.g., voice control). By exploiting vulnerabilities in these interaction surfaces, an adversary can gain unauthorized access to the IoT, which enables tracking, profiling and posing harm to the user. With the thousands of diverse IoT manufacturers, developers, and devices, it is very challenging, if not impossible, to ensure all devices are properly secured at production and kept up-to-date after production. IoT users and administrators have to place their trust in a set of devices, with the least secure device breaking the security chain.


  • Kang G. Shin

Graduate Students

  • chunyuc
  • Dongyao Chen
  • Yu-Chih Tung
  • Kassem Fawaz
  • Huan Feng


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