(Mobile) Privacy Protection

People use their mobile devices anywhere and anytime to run various apps, and the information shown on their device screens can be seen by nearby (unauthorized) parties, called shoulder surfers. To mitigate this privacy threat, we have developed HideScreen by utilizing the human vision and optical system properties to hide the users’ on-screen information from the shoulder surfers. Specifically, HideScreen discretizes the device screen into grid patterns to neutralize the low-frequency components so that the on-screen information will “blend into” the background when viewed from the outside of the designed range. We have developed and evaluated several ways of hiding both on-screen texts and images from shoulder surfers.


  • Kang G. Shin

Graduate Students

  • chunyuc


  • Chun-Yu (Daniel) Chen, Bo-Yao Lin, Junding Wang, and Kang G. Shin, Keep Others from Peeking at Your Mobile Device Screen!, in the 25th Annual International Conference on Mobile Computing and Networking (MobiCom 19), Los Cabos, Mexico, October 2019.