Preventing Distracted Driving

We are developing a new in-car phone localization scheme, called DAPL (Detection and Alarming of in-car Phone Location), to determine, in real time, the locations of smartphones inside a moving car, with the goal of preventing smartphone-distracted driving. DAPL operates on commodity smartphones and cars, and does not require additional special/dedicated hardware to be installed inside the car, making its deployment easy and attractive to users and carmakers. Even when a phone is moved from one location to another inside a moving car, DAPL will detect this movement, record the sensor data, and estimate the phone’s destination location. DAPL captures the trajectory of each phone movement, the change of magnetic field, and the RSSI readings from the car Bluetooth transceiver, and then estimates the phone’s destination location by matching the trajectory with the variation of magnetic field and the Bluetooth RSSI readings.


  • Kang G. Shin

Graduate Students

  • chunyuc