Growing interest in vehicular research demands powerful data collection tools. There are a plethora of data collection platforms in vehicular research which have given to many datasets, such as IVBSS and Safety Pilot Model Deployment. However, due to the lack of customizability or easy of deployability in these data collection platforms, each research effort requires re-inventing the data collection platform. This leads to wasted and duplicated research effort.

We develop a customizable and easily deployable platform called CarLab to address this need. CarLab is an open development environment consisting of four components -- a web-based dashboard to visualize and access vehicular data, a web-based experiment creation and deployment interface, an Android app which is custom-compiled for each experiment participant, and a Java interface for extending CarLab functionality and contributing back to the open source community.


  • Kang G. Shin

Graduate Students

  • Arun Ganesan
  • mpese


  • Mert D. Pesé, Arun Ganesan, and Kang G. Shin, CarLab: Framework for Vehicular Data Collection and Processing, in the 2nd ACM International Workshop on Connected and Automated Vehicle Mobility (ACM CarSys '17, A workshop of MobiCom), Snowbird, Utah, USA, October 2017.