Welcome to Real-Time Computing Lab (RTCL)’s website! Prof. Kang G. Shin established RTCL in the Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Department at The University of Michigan in 1985. Currently, our lab has more than 20 students/post docs/visiting scholars performing research in several areas including wireless networking, computation and network security, cyber-physical systems, mobile applications and privacy, and resilient cloud computing services. Our research focuses on how to derive and deploy innovative and practical solutions for exciting real-world problems. 


Our 2017 group photo at a picnic in the Gallup Park, Ann Arbor.


Former RTCLers gathering in Korea, June 1, 2017

Latest News

09/04/18 Eric Newberry, Hsun-Wei Cho, Ting-Chu Lee, and Youssef Tobah have joined our group as Ph.D. students.
01/18/15 Welcome to our new website! Some of the pages are under construction.
12/01/14 Congratulations to Kai-Yun (Karen) Hou, our newest PhD graduate. Karen joined Oracle (Santa Clara) as a researcher.
09/01/14 Youngmoon Lee and Liang He joined our group.
09/24/13 Congratulations to Eugene Chai for his graduation. Eugene joined NEC Labs (Princeton) as a researcher.
09/01/13 Yu-Chih Tung, Sihui Han and Kyong Tak Cho joined our group as PhD students.
07/24/12 Congratulations to Xinyu Zhang for his graduation. Xinyu joined the faculty of the University of Wisconsin, Madison as an assistant professor.
10/01/11 Congratulations to our PhD graduates!
Hyoil Kim: December 2010, currently on the faculty of Ulsan Institute of Science and Technology, Korea
Alex Min: May 2011, currently with Intel
Xin Hu: August 2011, currently with IBM T.J. Watson Research Center
09/24/11 “E-MiLi” wins the best paper award at Mibicom’11!
Xinyu Zhang and Kang G. Shin, “E-MiLi: Energy-minimizing idle listening in wireless networks,” ACM MobiCom 2011
06/27/11 “Maestro” wins the best paper award at ICAC’11!
Arif Merchant, Mustafa Uysal, Pradeep Padala, Xiaoyun Zhu, Sharad Singhal, and Kang G. Shin, “Maestro: Quality-of-Service in large disk arrays,” 8-th IEEE International Conference on Autonomic Computing}, Karlsruhe, Germany June 14-18, 2011
06/23/10 Our work LiteGreen (in collaboration with MSR India) wins the best paper award at USENIX ATC’10. More details here